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Take Review - $100

With cameras these days, anyone can take 100 photos at a game and call themselves a photographer. But what makes your eye, your story telling, your work stand out. You need to be able to cull your set into the best images and consider whether you are creating your best possible work.

To make this most effective we suggest submitting your full set, as well as a processed set. Describe to us who the client (or ideal client) is and what you think are your strengths/weaknesses and other concerns.


Portfolio Review - $150

A portfolio isn't just to showcase your best work, it is a tool to get the kind of work you want to be doing.

To make this most effective, we suggest submitting your best images (up to 50) as well as what you believe to be your best 20, in the order which you think to present them. Describe your ideal photography trajectory and how you want to be seen.


Website/Platform Review - $250

A website (or other platform) is a photographer's calling card. 

To make this most effective, send us a link to the platform you would like us to review as well as a description of how you want to ideally present your work.


Photography Advice - $50/hour

Are you trying to break into the industry? Do you need help navigating pricing? Do you feel like your images are missing something? Are you finding success but don't know how to get to the next level? Let's set up a phone call or meeting to hash it out!


Portfolio Review not enough for you and you want something a little more hands-on, check out a Live Learning or a Workshop.