Depending on the permissions of your gallery you may, order an $0 download from 1MB to original full size, order a paid download (coupon code option), download the original, download a mock-up

Download Sizing Explained


Order a $0 Download

If the client agreement has downloads openly available, you may select the various sizes you would like your individual image or a batch of images. These sizes do not reflect the size of the image, just the compression level of the saved jpeg file. A 2MB and 10MB will have the same pixel dimensions, one is just more compressed file. If you have a slow internet speed, we recommend downloading a file that is 3MB or less. It should still be able to create reasonably sized, high quality prints.


Order a Priced Download

You may find the gallery to have priced download options in addition to other print and download options. If you are granted access to download these photos without charge (based on separate payment terms or photo agreement) you will be given a coupon code to enter before check out. It is important you use this code to order the appropriate download option. If you have permission to order a high-res original image and select to only order the social media download, the image is saved at a smaller resolution. Additionally, your agreement may have limits that you may only download the high-res for internal use, if you then download a social media license, it will trigger our system and potentially result in your account being temporarily disabled.


Download Originals

This may require a password to access the download

You can download original files using this method, but we do not recommend it because it will not allow us to help with your order should you have difficulty accessing your files.


Download a Mock-Up

Some galleries allow for downloading a mock-up version (with watermark if applicable), while this is an option for users we do not suggest it as a method because they are smaller file sizes and do not carry the metadata attached to the images. Should you need a larger size, we will not be able to determine which image or gallery the mockup came from without a manual search.

Other Options

Client Download

Clients may opt to download from their gallery on this site or our PhotoShelter Site


Editorial Download

While basic editorial downloads are available on KLC fotos, to have more itemized use, editorial clients may prefer to use our PhotoShelter Site


If you have any troubles downloading images with permissions, codes, or otherwise please send the link (not a screenshot) of the image you are trying to download and contact the photographer or KLC fotos for assistance.