KLC fotos is proud to cover a variety of genres, action, events, and portraits for a variety of clients from collegiate, non-profit, corporate, and individuals.

Our coverage falls under three categories:
Assigned | Spec | Volunteer

Assigned: Client pays an fee to have photographer photograph an event

Spec: (short for Speculative) Photographer covers an event and any/all use of images is billed to client on a per-image basis.

Volunteer: Photographer volunteers their time and skill to cover and makes images available to client(s) without charge.

Some photographers work under more than one term. A volunteer may make their images available to one client but also be working on Spec to license to other clients. A photographer may work on Assignment for a client for a specific use of select images and make further use and more images available on a Spec basis.

While clients are welcome to submit events to the available calendar for volunteer and spec coverage, and reach out to photographers directly to request coverage, please note that KLC fotos will not request photographers to work as volunteers or on spec.

We want to allow a frictionless way for photographers looking to build their portfolio or support organizations to connect to volunteer opportunities but it is not in our best interests to spend time coordinating photographers for "assignments" when neither KLC fotos nor the photographer have the potential to earn income for our work.